Uncanny Insight into Customer’s Vision

I can’t thank Janet enough for guiding me through the process of renovating my outdated interiors to create a beautiful, comfortable living space. After living in the same house for 21 years and having raised 4 children, there were many memories in place, so I was reluctant to make changes. To invite a decorator in was not going to be easy for either of us! However, with Janet, it proved to be such an enjoyable and fun experience. Along with selecting some new furniture, carpet, paint colors, lighting and window coverings for 2 living areas and 2 bedrooms, she managed my fear of change and pulled it all together. She took the time to get to know what was important to our family about our living areas and how to make the space work best. Janet had an uncanny insight into interpreting my vision and seemed to know just exactly what I would love. I am delighted with the beautiful results! If you are going to hire a decorator, hire Janet!

Monica Lalane | Community Volunteer | Boynton Beach Resident