Amazingly Creative

Janet Ireland, from Flourish Delray Design, is an amazingly creative lady with a knack for capturing the genuine identity and spirit of whatever she is designing. I have experienced her creative talent on several occasions and was amazed by her keen ability to inspiringly transform spaces and objects. Her style is elegantly understated. Above all, she is easy to work with and loves what she does. I am not accustomed to working with decorators and was apprehensive about letting anyone have a say on how I should decorate my new home. However, I was pleasantly surprised after spending time with Janet. She took the time to get to know me and my tastes, and made several invaluable suggestions that both honored and enhanced my individual style. She showed me how to showcase certain items that I cherished, with simple rearrangements that felt comfortable and true to my taste. I also experienced her originality and resourcefulness with her decorations for two important events for the Delray Chamber of Commerce. It’s typical of her style to be practical and creative with whatever is at hand. It is with great pleasure that I encourage others to entrust their decorating projects to Janet.

Rosa Torres-Tumazos | Spire Associates, LLC | Delray Beach