swatches of fabric and tile for an interior design project


Flourish organizes the design aspects of renovations as well as new home construction projects.  Clients rely on Flourish to manage the details and decisions that lead to successful home improvements. You can benefit from the connections that Flourish has with dependable contractors and local artisans to enhance your seaside space.  Flourish also offers coastal style expertise for furnishing your home.

  • DEFINE your style and how you want to express it.
  • FOCUS your priorities. Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.
  • UNDERSTAND the underlying challenges and come up with elegant, often simple solutions.
  • SET expectations and reasonable time lines.

Initial In-Home Design Consultation $150.00 (one and a half hour maximum)
The first visit can be very productive, with intuitive solutions and an exchange of ideas. It is recommended that the client do some "homework" to prepare for the meeting by saving favorite styles from internet search or magazine photos. With ideas in hand, and a tour of your home, goals will be set.

Design Services $150.00/hour. Design Service Fee applies to:

  • Planning indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Shopping for furniture/home and garden accessories
  • Selecting finishes such as paint, tile, counter tops and fabric
  • Arranging furniture and wall decor
  • Project Coordination with contractors and other creative team members

In addition to face-to-face meetings, communications by phone, email and photo exchange speeds up documentation and decision-making.

Clients seek the services of Flourish to make their lives more livable, functional and beautiful.